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今井祝雄 『オン・ザ・テーブル』 "ON THE TABLE" by IMAI,Norio

今井祝雄 『オン・ザ・テーブル』
身体/Yangjah 写真/小橋慶三 装幀/熊澤正人



The book has created by Norio IMAI, who is a GUTAI artist.

An art book with more than 100 piece photos of dancer's movements under a fabric on a table, taken from the ceiling

IMAI, Norio +Yangjah(body) + KOBASHI,Keizo(photos) "ON THE TABLE" performance in Book
published by Kinohanasha

by emptybody | 2010-03-24 19:14 | 出版 publication
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